Listen to No Rhyme or Refill, a poetry & pints podcast hosted by Alyx & Erica

Started in April 2019, No Rhyme or Refill continues as a side project of Alyx and Erica, who talk poetry and beer, with a release about once a month or at the busier times in life, whenever they can make it happen. They feature occasional guests, but mainly discuss poetry (and beer!) with each other in hopes of introducing poetry to people who would not usually read it. Since the start, both have gotten Masters degrees in their area of interest (Alyx in poetry and Erica in beer and brewery research), and soon their 50th episode will be coming up. It will feature a celebration of their shared love of powerful poetry! We have a small following, and this project is a labor of love for both women. Check out some of the episodes and the corresponding poets below.

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